Benefits of digital signage displays and digital menu board

According to marketing experts, the digital signage industry will exceed $20 billion by 2020. This is because an ever-increasing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of using digital signs to communicate with a wide range of customers through high-quality videos and images. These kinds of signage platform and appliance can be used to advertise new offers, communicate relevant company information and help increase a company's brand profile.

If you are running a retail bussiness like a hotel, groceries, restaurant, spa, salon, or non-profit organization like church, hospital, school, the first thing you need is advertisement to attract customers/visitors's awareness to your business. And as technology became more advanced, Many business owners, even Small and medium companies (SMEs), tend to shif from traditional signs like printing brochures, pamphlets and printed café write-on/wipe-off menu borad to use dynamic WIFI interactive digital signage displays, which consist of hardware including processors, computer chips, LED screen monitor and metal housing, and software also known as content management system (CMS) , to deliver specific eye-catching media conent like scrolling text, streaming media, video, animation and audio to the target audience on schedule. These optimized media-rich content will no doubt attract maximum attention from potential audiences.

Helps in Impulse Buying

Statistics show that digital advertising displays are viewed 400% more than static displays, and they have an 83% recall rate to boot. These numbers flat-out trump the possibilities offered by traditional media. Available data goes on to show that 80% of the walk-ins that businesses get are due to a digital display advertisement. When you are running a corporation like bank, supermarket, hotel or want to install signage in application like lobby of airport, station, waiting room that depends on impulse buying of a customer, then you are surely going to get a lot of boost in sales with the help of digital signage system. According to many scientific studies, the human brain oscillates between impulse buying and normal decision-making process and finally impulse buying takes over. You can see in many supermarkets, there are lot of digitalsignage boards displaying the names of the products in display, today's offers or deals to attract the attention of customers. Other studies have revealed the fact that this impulse buying behavior forces the customer to buy things that they won't be normally buying or never planned to buy when they left home for the supermarket.

So what garnering the maximum attraction and changing their mind is the eye-catching messages displayed on the board that triggered those impulsive senses to go and purchase the products. When you are in an impulse buying mood, some products you buy are not needed in your day to day life and when you open your package in home only you may realize why you ever bought this one. The promotional videos and/or images slide along with music and scrolling text displayed like PowerPoint does in those boards stirs a sense of feeling in them to know more about the product and the deal offered and if they think if the deal is good, they would never give a second thought and put that into their shopping basket.

Not only texts, but also images are along with sound and music are also displayed in the sign boards to garner the maximum attraction of the customers. But it is the text and images displayed in the board that matters the most as it determines whether the customer steps into the store or just pass by like all other sign boards. The text should be well crafted to attract the customer at the first sight of the display and should be like a Call to Action sign board, that at-least makes them think about the message and if better buy the product. Digital Signs is a great way for any business to increase its sale, garner new customers, enhance its visibility and also to increase its profit levels to great extent.

Provide interactivity wirelessly

Another important benefit these , digital menu boards displays bring to the table is that they provide with excellent wireless connectivity options. While server end, PC end(personal computer) and terminal LED screen are deployed and configured properly, EOOSIGN digital signage solutions is able to help you improving the way to deliver content , such like video, text, weather updates (very popular in airports), RSS feeds and social media content in one fell swoop, and reaching a wider audience and growing your business. Customer feedback is also considered to have increased to a great extent. A lot of banks also use kiosk to display video advertisements of their various products to customers that are waiting in line, which really deepens customer engagement and gives the consumer a chance to give instant feedback. People love interactive content and with the help of touch screen, you can easily showcase your products and services in a more fun and entertaining manner.

Low cost, ease of maintenance

Electronic signs are cost-effective advertising machinery that can help businesses to save their cost in terms of printing materials like promos and ads in paper. Before the advent of digital signs, the major avenues of advertising have been through the form of brochures, handouts, posters and billboards around. And those forms of advertising cost a lot to these businesses not only in terms of printing but also in installation, manpower costs etc. But with the introduction of digital advertising screens, everything has been changed as businesses can reduce all kinds of costs involved in logistics, storage and manpower. Instead, they can channel their investments in improving their product ranges or adding other high-quality digital displays elsewhere.

When it comes to print advertising, if there is a change in pricing or products, all the print materials need to be printed fresh to accommodate the changes. But with digital signage displays, all you need is to make the changes in your computer and copy the changes to USB drive and insert it into the screen or through wireless communication and it will get reflected in the displays right away. Hence, there is no paper waste and maintenance costs.

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