The hardware of  digital signage display

A successful digital signage display has various components, including software, hardware, and the content management system. All these are important, only that the majority sees only the hardware, especially the screens where the display is being done, and so they think that that's all there is to the system. If you are planning on investing in a digital signage display, it is imperative that you be very careful with the hardware you choose because it will not just determine the quality of the displays, but also will have an impact on the longevity, or how long you will use the system before getting a new one. With that said, here is a brief look at some of the digital signage display hardware that you should be well-versed with.
Please view picture below for a clear idea on all major components/hardwares

Here is the list of the hardware

The display screen

This is by far the most popular hardware in digital signage display, and it is one that will hardly miss in any system. It is on the screen where the content will be displayed for people to see. In most cases, the screen may come in the form of a flat TV or PC screen that allows for the presentation of the digital media through the use of HDMI or serial plugins connected to a player. In the absence of a TV or monitor as a screen, a projector screen may be used, or the content may simply be projected onto a common wall where the majority can view it. The size of the screen you choose should ideally suit the kind of display you want, and whether or not the display will be indoors or outdoors.

The media Player

The player is what is usually connected to the internet, an internal network or the cloud to retrieve the digital campaigns that will be displayed on the screen. There are various types of players, and you can always choose according to your specific display needs. In most cases, the players are CPU-based, and can easily connect to the internet, the cloud, a USB drive or an internal network where the campaigns are stored. In addition to being CPU-based, some of the players are also compatible with different platforms such as android and iOS which greatly increases the scope of their applications.

The features of signage hardware by EOOSIGN:

The most significant features are:

  • 6/8 bit colors, 19 inch - 85 inch LG IPS Display screen available in 1080P, 2k and 4K resolution.
  • The 64bit 4 A53 cores CPU@1.5GHZ, the newest newtwork signage processor which offer twice the performance of the A20 chip in the previous version.
  • 4G LTE networking support and support for DC-HSDPA networks.
  • Wi-Fi (support for 2.4GHznetworks) and Lan support.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Media player support 4K video@60 fps max (H265)