Digital Signages Scholarship

Do you have the ambition of pursuing a prestigious course at a well-known institution of higher learning? Though most young adults have the same aspirations, not every student has the resources to make their dream a reality. The lack of funds should not, however, discourage you from reaching your goals in life.

EOOSIGN (Digital Signages) is dedicated to helping students that want to pursue a graduate or undergraduate program but don't have the means to do it. Having good grades can put you in a great position to qualify for the scholarship.

EOOSIGN has been supporting students who lack the resources to pursue further education in universities and colleges. Through offering the scholarship, Digital Signage aims at supporting the dreams of young students and helping them become industry leaders in the future.

Digital Signage uses certain criteria to determine the students who deserve the scholarship. It sets certain requirements that a student must meet to be part of the program. Start by learning everything there is to know regarding the company's scholarship before you embark on the application process. Here is more!

What are the minimum requirements that you must meet to qualify for the scholarship? is a company that is known for its transparency. This is a virtue that the company upholds even when offering students scholarships. It, therefore, sets the following conditions.

  • For you to be considered for the Digital signages scholarship, you must have attained & have been accepted an accredited college for a full-time undergraduate or graduate program in the USA.
  • Essay writing: Write a short essay on "How to prep your digital signage for the holidays?". One way you can prove to EOOSIGN company that you are the right candidate for this scholarship is by being good at essay writing. If, for instance, you want to pursue a career in the design and art field, you may have the upper hand in qualifying for the scholarship.
  • Short essays must be the applicant's original work in every regard.
  • Ensure that your application is in word format since we does not accept any other formats such as PDFs.
  • All application must sent via ".edu" email, non ".edu" emaill will be rejected. And contact detail should be provided by email.
  • If you secure the scholarship, you are expected to send your response saying that you accept the reward within five daysThe lack of responding within the specified time frame can make the company consider another applicant instead.
  • No Plagiarism. You should, therefore, avoid plagiarizing content from different sources and try to be creative enough to produce a quality essay that can help you qualify for the scholarship. Copying content can prevent you from being considered for the scholarship. If you get some of the information from sources such as the internet, you should try to put in your own words to reduce the risk of plagiarism. If you include a quote in your essay, do not forget to cite your source.

What evaluation process do the judges of EOOSIGN use?

Qualifying for this scholarship does not come easy since we uses a particular evaluation procedure to determine the right applicant. A team of judges is chosen to review each application. They evaluate all the essays looking at aspects such as creativity and originality. You also have to ensure that your essay is free from any grammatical errors that can prevent you from qualifying for the scholarship. The judges from Digital Signages also look for essays that inspire a reader. Due to this strict evaluation procedure, you should take your time to research the topic and establish a plot before you start writing it. Ensure you go through the essay to edit it accordingly and use a plagiarism site to make sure that it is original.

Scholarship Amount Details:

There is only one winner who is picked from numerous applicants. If you are the lucky student, the company gives you a scholarship of about $ 1000, which is intended to cater for your education expenses. This amount can pay your fees, tuition, accommodation, and give you access to all the books you need for higher learning. The scholarship amount will be directly sent to the Financial Aid Office of the University.

Scholarship Deadline and Winner Announcement:

All applications are expected to be submitted by. The winner will be announced on 1st Sep 2020.

Our Privacy Policy:

According to the company's privacy policy, all information you sent to Digital Signage Company cannot be accessed by any third party. It is only used to determine your eligibility for the scholarship. This should give you peace of mind as you submit your application details. We does not share this information with third parties, nor use your application or personal information for promotional or marketing purposes. This information is kept confidential, and all application materials are deleted or destroyed after we complete our application and evaluation process.

We wish  you the best of luck on your scholarship application process and wish you every success in your life.