Types of Digital Signage Display for Lobbies

A company’s lobby provides them with very first chance to create a great first impression to all guests, including clients, potential clients, and employees. The ambiance and the décor can be made to be so inviting that visitors will not just feel comfortable when they walk in, but they can also increase their trust in the company. Though there are various ways to make the lobby more appealing and inviting, the use of digital signage display has become common, and this is because of the versatility of their application in branding the business. If you are considering using digital display signage for your lobbies as well, here are some of the most suitable types you should consider to wow your clients, potential employees and other guests.

Wow Walls

Just as the name suggests, wow walls are designed to “wow” and create the right impression when someone steps into the lobby. In most cases, wow walls are digital signage displays designed to promote the company’s brand and inform the guests at the lobby about the company’s mission, vision, and core values. If used effectively, they can also be used to pass out vital information to the guest in the waiting area, thus giving more guidance and improving service delivery to the clients. They can also be made to play videos demonstrating the company’s products or services, hence, making it possible for the company’s brand message to reach more people. If done correctly, and using the right size and type of digital signage system, they can completely transform the looks of the lobby and make appear professional and extremely inviting.

About Us Boards

The other type of digital signage that will work wonders for your company’s lobby is the About Us Boards. These are sometimes referred to as interactive kiosks and unlike wow boards that can be used for a range of applications, they are mainly used to display the company’s history, mission and vision statements, and the company’s products. When the company shows their history, mission and vision statement to the guests in the lobby, it creates a sense of identity and purpose on the company, and this may be helpful in helping to shape the company’s image in front of the guests. The guests will also be delighted to learn more about the company, and this will help them determine if the goals of the company are aligned with their expectations. In the end, it will set the pace as well as the nature of the interaction between the company and its visitors. Visitors will feel more relaxed and comfortable when dealing with a company they already have some information about.

Interactive directories

The other type of digital signage that would transform your lobby is the interactive directories. These will not just make your lobbies look great, but will enhance the efficiency of your business, especially the operations of the reception desk, depending on how you choose to use them. They can be used to promote self-service and give directions amongst other things.